International relations

Cnam-Enjmin in the world

Cnam-Enjmin works in an international context and collaborates with various universities and research centres around the world.

Here are the institutions with which we have partnerships or partnership projects:
  • Cologne Game Lab in Germany
  • GSC-Kaist University in Seoul
  • TEC University in Monterrey, Mexico
  • ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • The Jilin Animation Institute - JAI in China
  • The NAD Centre in Montreal, Canada
  • The University of Quebec UQAC in Chicoutimi, Canada


Cologne Game Lab

The agreement signed in 2016 with the Cologne Games Lab (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) in the fields of research, exchange of students and teachers and dissemination of scientific culture led to a co-diplomation of the second year of our respective Masters degrees.
We will welcome 2 students from Cologne at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year. Teacher exchanges continue.
We are also working on a double graduation as part of the implementation of the new model of the Cnam-Enjmin

GSCT- KAIST University in Seoul, Korea

In 2016, we signed a cooperation agreement with GSCT, KAIST in Seoul (Graduate School of Culture Technology of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) following the invitation of Professor Kwangyun WOHN.
The agreement has since been renewed and should lead to the design of a joint research project.
A visit to Korea also allowed us to establish contacts with the local video game industry, with whom we hope to collaborate on our incubation program.

TEC University in Monterrey, Mexico

We responded alongside the Grand Angoulême to a FICOL call for projects supported by the French Development Agency - AFD, for the creation of a Master's degree in Digital Arts at the TEC in Monterrey, Mexico.
The call for projects was well received by AFD and the project should be ready to start in 2019-2020.

ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay

In 2018, we took advantage of a delegation from Cnam in Uruguay to establish relations with the ORT University in Montevideo.
An exchange agreement has been signed and we plan to welcome 2 students for one semester of our JMIN master's degree for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Jilin Animation Institute – JAI, China

The relations we had initiated with the Jilin Animation Institute - JAI (China) were able to resume in 2018.
We were planning to help them create a master video game; unfortunately, the JHA did not obtain government authorization.
We are therefore trying to consider new solutions, one of which could be the creation of a training course in Angoulême to enable students from this private institute to be accommodated.
Discussions are ongoing, an economic study is being carried out.

Centre NAD in Montreal, Canada

The Centre National d'Animation et de Design de Montréal, of the Université du Québec (UQAC, Chicoutimi, Canada) is an educational and research and development institution in 3D animation, digital design and visual effects in Canada.
In 2016, 3 Quebec students joined our school for one term.
The partnership should resume soon.

Quebec UQAC University in Chicoutimi, Canada

The partnership should resume soon.