Recruit an apprentice digital engineer!

In October 2014, the EICnam Poitou-Charentes engineers training centre opened a new course at Cnam-Enjmin: ‘Ingénieur en Sciences et Technologies des Médias Numériques’ - STMN (Engineer’s diploma in computing, science and technology for interactive media), which is a type of sandwich course with alternating placements and periods of study.


An STMN engineer is capable of designing and managing the development of multimedia and transmedia systems, integrating both digital audio-visual technologies, complex systems architecture and computer networks.


An STMN engineer is technologically and methodologically capable of:

  • Analysing needs and designing the appropriate systems architecture for interactive digital media.
  • Identifying required technologies and means to develop this system.
  • Understanding the needs and constraints involved in working in multidisciplinary teams and for clients in audio-visual media and interaction design.

Scope of application

  • Digital entertainment.
  • Tourism (augmented reality applications for museums and towns).
  • Theme parks.
  • The press and digital publishing in general.
  • Web-based media and interactivity in traditional media.
  • Transmedia productions.
  • Intelligent houses and towns.
  • Serious games.
  • Simulators.
  • Imagining and evaluating new interaction designs.
  • Training...

Sectors of activity

  • Content: audio-visual and media, videogames, advertising agencies.
  • Service Providers: telecoms, public services (transport, health…).
  • Contractors: architecture and urbanism for intelligent towns and buildings.
  • Integrators: IT consultants, street furniture suppliers…
  • Software publishers / equipment suppliers software and specialised equipment.
  • Local and regional authorities.
  • Industry (simulation).
  • Universities, organisations and companies (new training programmes).