Collective VAE

Do you need to validate your employee's experience?

These individual projects form part of a collective HR approach...

How long?

From 3 to 12 months

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Use the VAE validation programme as a tool in your HR strategy

Take advantage of the French VAE programme to manage skills and career evolution in your company by validating your employees’ professional experience. 

Thanks to the VAE programme, get a clear idea of the skill set acquired by your employees and accompany career evolution and change by allowing them to obtain a recognised diploma.

Why you should choose Cnam-Enjmin?

  • Feasibility study: consider the VAE programme in the light of your strategic challenges and integrate this programme into your skills management policy.

  • We guide your team members from the preparation of their application to their presentation in front of the jury. Different options are possible (individual, group and remote assistance).

  • All of Cnam-Enjmin’s diplomas can be obtained through the VAE programme.

A group VAE is possible combining individual assistance for each candidate and group sessions.