Courses of Cnam-Enjmin

All our courses are delivered by industry professionals and lecturers from the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, the University of Poitiers and GOBELINS, l'école de l'image.



Cnam-Enjmin’s training courses cover every sector and profession in the field of digital creation:

  • Game design and interactive storytelling.
  • Graphic and sound design.
  • Designing digital systems architecture and developing software.
  • Project management.
  • Marketing.
  • Psychology and sociology applied to the design of human-machine interfaces.

Our training also covers level design, designing an intelligent house, analysing the behaviour of social network users, visual and sound design for tablet applications and finding the funds to develop a game based on a TV series...

Master’s degree

The JMIN master’s degree cover every aspect of the profession from videogames to transmedia storytelling.

Post-graduate diplomas

The Mastère IDE specialised master’s degree (a one year post master’s specialisation) is aimed at students who want to specialise in interactive digital media.

An engineer’s diploma

STMN diploma students specialise in the sciences and technologies of digital media.

Continuing education

We provide inter and intra-company training courses for people currently working in the videogame, computing, audio-visual and communication industries.


VAE is a French accreditation system that enables people working in a given field to have their professional experience validated by a nationally recognised diploma.

PhD Cnam-Enjmin also leads to PhD theses dealing with the methods and tools of digital entertainment.


Cnam-Enjmin is the ideal partner for all digital media companies who require training or R&D support.


Each course comprises a theoretical element to help students understand the more complex and advanced aspects of the field, practical work, multidisciplinary team projects and work placements.