Enjmin Game Conferences

The Enjmin Game Conferences (EGC) is an annual event that brings together video game professionals and students ! 
Our students organize and participate in a series of conferences and workshops with key players in the video game industry.
Enjmin Game Conference 2018

Created in 2006, the Video Game Workshops became the Enjmin Game Conference (EGC) in 2019.
Since 2019, it is the students themselves who organize the event.

The Enjmin Game Conference allows professionals to share their experience and students to benefit from their advice.

The objective is to create privileged moments of exchange with French and international video game professionals.

The speakers not only deal with specific technical and creative issues, but also discuss their respective backgrounds and visions of the profession and engage in a reflection on the issues and developments in the sector.

Enjmin School
Location: At Cnam-Enjmin
Dates: 15th-17th of February 2023
Access: On invitationMore info

Program 2023

From the 15th to the 17th of February, more or less than 15 conferences and workshops will be conducted by professionals of the industry.

The themes range from Game art, Sound design, to Game design and much more. The subjects tackled by the speakers concerns directly the students.

The program is currently under construction.

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