Research and development

Collaborative research projects

You will find below some of the research projects to which Cnam-Enjmin has contributed!

Example projects

Le projet "The ‘Terra Dynamica’ project aims to model urban life with a city’s inhabitants, crowds, vehicles and traffic.

"Jeu Serai" is a serious game that builds up a psychological profile of the player, based on an analysis of his/her behaviour, with the objective of helping with careers guidance. voiseau

"Le Village aux Oiseaux" is a therapeutic video game for the treatment of attention disorders.

"PLUG" is one of the first games played in a museum with a geo-localized mobile phone.

Partnerships and collaborations

Cnam-Enjmin, together with the Poitiers University, ÉESI and Cnam-Cédric, can help you.

As part of a direct partnership, within the framework of a Cifre thesis and national and European collaborative projects (ANR, FUI...), we have worked or are currently working with:

Are you looking for partners for your research projects?

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Contact : Axel BUENDIA

Major areas of expertise

  • Advanced systems and devices for human-woman machine interaction

  • Principle and tools for Game Design, application to useful games

  • Transmedia games and ubiquitous games

  • Psychological and sociological model of the player and adaptive games

  • Methods and tools for interactive sound

  • Games and disability