Students Projects 2019

The students word

We are more than one hundred students coming from 2 courses : the STMN Engineer sandwich course, focused on interactive media, and the JMIN Master, focused on video game creation. This master offers 6 specialties : Game Design, Visual Conception, Programmation, Sound Design, UX Design, and Project Management. Each one of us comes from a different background. We are a cohesive group of people, and we rely on mutual aid in order to move forward. For us, the Enjmin Game Conference is a way to set aside the distance between the industry and the school. We talk about our projects, professionals give us advices, they come to playtest our games and talk about their background. It’s a unique moment to exchange between pros and students in a free and sincere way. You’ll find on this page the games created by master 1 students at the end of last year.