Make the most of your professional experience


Transform your experience into a diploma with the French VAE programme!

The VAE is an officially recognised programme that acknowledges skills acquired through experience working in the field.

You need at least 1 years’ experience in either a professional or unpaid capacity in the fields of games and digital interactive media if you wish to apply for the VAE programme.  

Cnam-Enjmin will help you, if necessary remotely, to complete your VAE application and draft any elements to be presented to the jury.

The jury assesses your experience and they will award all or part of an internationally recognised diploma.

All of Cnam-Enjmin’s diplomas can be obtained through the VAE programme.

  • The VAE programme (created by decree on 24 April 2002) is a means to obtain a diploma, certificate or other qualification on the basis of at least 3 years’ experience, which has led to you acquiring skills, to a certain degree of autonomy or responsibility, in your professional capacity and in a given domain (management, administration, human resources, IT, industry etc.). These skills can correspond to all or part of those required for a professional certification (degree, master’s degree, PhD, engineering degree) or an institution-specific diploma.

  • You may only apply for the VAE programme once per calendar year for the same qualification. For different qualifications, no more than three applications per calendar year may be submitted.

  • With the Cnam, it is possible to make a group application to the VAE programme. The idea is to encourage career development in the interest of companies, branches or professions (by helping employees to obtain a qualification, encouraging mobility and enabling career change). Each participant must file the request individually, even if the action is part of a collective process.

  • The VAP 85 programme is a means to gain access to a Cnam training programme without the required entry diploma.

  • Any person, irrespective of age, nationality, status and level of education, who has been in employment or in unpaid/voluntary work, either permanently or intermittently, for a total cumulative period of three years and in a field relevant to the chosen diploma.

  • The VAE can constitute a powerful tool for providing qualifications for a company, a branch or a profession, thereby helping develop employee skills, encourage mobility and enable career change.

How to apply for the VAE programme?


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