Cnam-Enjmin partners your projects!

Energy, dialogue and expertise: let us accompany your development projects!

Cnam-Enjmin can be an invaluable partner for:

  • Tailor-made inter-company and in-house training courses.

  • Providing introductions to our students and helping draft apprenticeship and work placement agreements.

  • Providing introductions to our partner laboratories to set up research and Cifre thesis agreements, as well as partnerships for European projects, ANR, FUI...

  • Implementing the VAE programme as part of your HR strategy.

You can also help us:

  • By providing support through the apprenticeship tax.

  • By supporting our actions in the context of our foundation, the ‘Fondation Abbé Grégoire du Cnam’.

  • By participating in defining and delivering course content.